Does the way you present yourself on your website, in social media and magazines speak to who you are and what you sell? Is your personal image a big part of your ‘brand’?


As part of a Personal Branding shoot we will discuss what your business represents. We then work together to create portraits that support and strengthen your message that can then be used in editorials stories for magazines, websites, blogs and social media to grow your business.

Hard working Entrepreneurs like yourself doing businesses online has now called for high-end portraiture and imagery to reflect your quality message and to tell your story. The marketplace is crowded and more competitive than ever. The ‘selfie’ is no longer good enough to have up on your website and social media representing you. When a magazine wants to do a story on an up and coming brand like yours they expect you to supply them quality high end images for their editorial piece. Also, when a blog wants to talk about you, they want to publish your photos when they are beautiful and compelling.

Your Personal Branding session includes a consultation to put together up to 4 clothing changes so we can create beautiful images with a contemporary styling that could easily make the cover of your favorite magazine.

During your Personal Branding session you’ll enjoy being pampered by my hair and make-up artist and enjoy creative and fun art direction during your shoot. Who knew work could be this much fun? 

As part of your Personal Branding session, you will receive one high-resolution, professionally retouched image properly sized and ready to use for social media profiles and magazine print requirements.


Let's connect to schedule your consultation. I can't wait to hear about you and your business!

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