2025 seniors! 

Copyright & usage

1. The copyright to all images created or supplied pursuant to this agreement remain the sole and exclusive property of Marcus Roy Hoffman(photographer). There is no assignment of copyright, agreement to do work for hire, or intention of joint copyright expressed or implied hereunder. The client is licensed the above usage specifications in accord with the conditions stated herein.

2. Usage specifications above convert to copyright license only upon receipt of full payment. 

3. Usage beyond that defined above requires additional written license from the licensor (Marcus Roy Hoffman).

4. Project will be billed in two stages, 50% due the week of the shoot, 50% will be billed at the time of delivery of final assets. Unpaid invoices are subject to a rebilling fee. 

5. The sale is subject to all terms and conditions on the reverse side hereof.

6. If you order the performance of any services required to complete the above described assignment, that act constitutes your acceptance by conduct of the terms on both sides of this estimate in their entirety, whether signed by you or not.

7. Failure to make payment voids any media usage granted, and constitutes copyright infringement.