Most of our sessions are done weekdays in the late afternoon / early evening.  That time of day gives us great diversity with our lighting, and provides some of the most flattering results for your photos.



Session dates are first come first serve. Your session is are secured once a session date has been booked, contract filled out, and retainer paid. We do our best to keep availability posted here on the website. Please have several dates in mind to make sure we can secure one for you!

Saturdays are reserved for Senior “VIP” and “Y&B” Sessions only.

Sundays are reserved for reschedules due to inclement weather and emergencies. The salon is not open on Sundays and special arrangements must be made to ensure a makeup artist will be available.*

Please also note: *Makeup appointments are scheduled around the Salon’s availability.  Appointments typically last 1-2 hours.  Please keep this in mind, specially if scheduling a Weekday session which may interfere with the school day.